Ilya Zamarin
Chief Executive Officer

I was born in Moscow, USSR, in 1973. Ilya grew up in the harsh reality of the Soviet economy, where even the most basic goods were a luxury to most citizens. From an early age, Ilya always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. At the age of 19, Ilya immigrated to the United States in April of 1992. By 1997, Ilya had graduated from LaSalle University in Philadelphia with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Working as a banker at the time, Ilya was immediately hired to work for a stock brokerage company upon his graduation from LaSalle. Quickly advancing from the accounting and management position into a financial advisory role, Ilya ended up working in the investments, real estate, and financing career. Eventually, it led him on the path of connecting with Mr. Edgardo Javier Ortiz, who almost instantaneously became Ilya’s good friend and a loyal client. It was in the summer of 2009 that Mr. Zamarin and Mr. Ortiz ran into the idea of developing a sangria company. For Ilya, especially, it was an endeavor he was searching for to explore. It was a life-long dream that presented itself as a great opportunity at the time. His love for cocktails eventually evolved into a passion for wine, which helped create the company as it is today.

Ilya possesses over 11 years of experience in the wine industry. He's traveled to numerous countries, provinces, and states in search of knowledge and better expertise in winemaking. Ilya's favorite wines are Black Muscat, Petite Sirah, and Tempranillo. Mr. Zamarin is currently serving Espanola Spirits Ltd. in the position of Chief Executive Officer. 

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